Unemployment rate 6.5% vs 6.7% est.

Net change in employment: 3.2K vs 10K est. The prior month was 19.4K.

Unemployment rate: 6.5% vs 6.7% est. Last month was 6.7%

Full time employment: -31.2K vs 18.4K last month

Part Time employment: 34.3K vs 1.0K last month

Participation rate: 65.6 vs 65.9 last month

The change in employment was little changed in April - rising by 3.2K vs 10K est,but the unemployment rate declined 0.2 percentage points to 6.5%. This was the lowest rate since October 2008. The decrease was mostly the result of fewer youth searching for work.

Versus a year ago, there were 276,000 (+1.5%) more people employed. The unemployment rate was lower by 0.6%. Over the same period, the total number of hours worked rose 1.1%.

Looking at the breakdown of winning and losing sectors, more people were employed in educational services (+19K), health care and social assistance (+12K), and transportation and warehousing(+8.8K) in April.

The declines in jobs occurred in business, building and other support services (-19K), as well as in accommodation and food services (-12K).

Public sector employment increased in April (+35K), while the number of private sector employees fell (-51K). Self-employment was little changed. YoY public sector jobs have added 92K, while private sector jobs have added 152K.

The USDCAD is little changed after the combination US and Canada jobs reports.