China Securities Finance Corp is the government-backed buyer trying to stop the selling rout

  • They've got $483 billion of firepower!
  • With the potential to add $322 billion more

Chinese disclosure rules for large shareholders and exchange filings reveal the stocks CSFC have been hovering up. Some of the biggest CSFC positions, tracked by Bloomberg.

Initiated or increased since June 30:

  • China Railway Group Ltd.
  • China Railway Construction Corp.
  • Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co.
  • TCL Corp.
  • Guanghui Energy Co.
  • Beijing Sanju Environmental Protection & New Material Co.
  • Humanwell Healthcare Group Co.
  • Nanjing Gaoke Co.
  • Shanghai 3F New Materials Co.
  • Guangdong Meiyan Jixiang Hydropower Co.

More detail at Bloomberg

China's stock market party ... no-one said it was gonna be easy, right?