From China News Service (via MNI):

  • The sum of local GDPs in the first half exceeded the national data by over CNY3 trillion
  • Local GDPs amounted to CNY30.28 trillion in the first half while the National Bureau of Statistics announced CNY26.9 trillion
  • Of the 31 provincial and municipal regions, 24 have seen economic improvement from the first quarter
  • The replication in calculation and overstated figures are considered the main reasons for the long-criticized difference between regional and national GDP figures. Ma Jiantang, head of the NBS, said the government will try to improve the approach to GDP accounting in the second half of the year to address the issue

The differences between the sum of local GDPs and the national figure has long been a subject for discussion re the veracity of Chinese data. I wonder what an acceptable margin of variance would be?