FRANKFURT (MNI) – The European Central Bank Tuesday will reabsorb
E51 billion in cumulative purchases of government bonds via a quick
tender to collect one-week term deposits, the central bank announced

The operation, to be conducted on Tuesday at 9:30 GMT, will be in
the form of a variable-rate tender with a maximum bid rate of 1.00%, the
bank said.

The ECB intends to mop up E51 billion in liquidity, equivalent to
the amount of bonds purchased through the Securities Market Program and
settled as of last Friday, it said.

The liquidity will be held for one week at the bank as a term
deposit. These fixed-term deposits can be used as collateral for the
Eurosystem’s credit operations, the bank said.

Last week, the bank mopped up E47.0 billion in bond buys, meaning
that the net change in bonds settled under the Securities Markets
Program is +E4 billion.

The ECB said it will conduct another liquidity-absorbing operation
next week.

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