Regulators urge a partial reopening of external borders starting 1 July

  • Urges a single list of eligible visitors from non-EU countries
  • Says the list should be drawn up over the next two weeks

Just take note that the recommendation/proposal above is non-binding, but essentially the idea is to have a standardised list of acceptable countries whose citizens would be allowed to travel to the European region for business or leisure purposes.

As much as one would think that this will solely depend on the coronavirus situation, I reckon tourist traffic/volume would also matter in the decision to shortlist countries since this would ultimately tie back to trying to bolster economic activity during the summer.

The commission has also proposed that internal borders should be reopened first before external ones are reopened, noting that:

"As travellers entering the EU can move freely from one country to another, it is crucial that member states coordinate their decisions on lifting travel restrictions. This is why member states should agree on a common list of non-EU countries for which travel restrictions can be lifted as of 1 July, to be reviewed on a regular basis."