He back 5 minutes and the Gregster is already working his magic

We can consider the 100 dma apt support now that Greg's run his golden eye over it.

The bounce had taken us above 1.0990 and the 1.10 level briefly, until Mr Weidmann popped up.

EURUSD 15m chart

If those comments had come from any other ECB member I would hazard a guess that this quick down move wouldn't last long. That may still be the case but coming from him, that's put a bit of doubt into this bounce and that might take a few minutes longer to wash out, if it does.

For now we're just seeing a natural bounce after a drop and the 100 dma has been the spring board. Still, this is not the time to start singing love songs about the 1.11 level or higher.

1.1125/30 is going to be the next wall to get over, should this bounce resume.

GBPUSD looks a bit more comfortable with the gains from the lows, and buyers will now want to see 1.3900 hold better support the second time around than it did the first, should we test it again. 1.3960 is resistance's next in line

GBPUSD 15m chart