Forex news for US trading on October 5, 2015:

The big story on the day was the stock market as the S&P 500 gained 1.8% and European stocks were up around 3% in a continuation of Friday's post-NFP turnaround.

EUR/USD rose up to 1.1289 in Europe but had already stumbled back to unchanged near 1.1225 as US traders rolled in. A heavy wave of selling came on the European close as it broke the post-NFP low of 1.1198 and hit stops down to 1.1175. It was all sideways from there.

USD/JPY completed the NFP roundtrip but the work was mostly done in Europe and Asia. USD trading saw it add another 25 pips, which is surprisingly little given the moves in stocks and bonds.

Cable slide down below 1.5160 in a quick move to 1.5140. The BOE is coming up later this week in what is yet-another decline for the pound. Watch last week's lows near 1.5100.

USD/CAD declined for the fourth day in a 66 pip decline. Again, the move generally came in Europe and we didn't reach the session low in North American trading. Instead, it was a sideways chop around 1.3090.

The Australian dollar is the focus of upcoming trading with the RBA decision due at 0330 GMT. AUD/USD was hit by some selling early in US trading in a fall down to 0.7060 but recovered to 0.7085.

For all the excitement in stocks, it was a hoppy/sideways-kinda day in FX.