Forex news for Asia trading Thursday 4 January 2018

During the US afternoon the big dollar got a pretty much across the board boost from the release of the Federal Reserve's Federal Open Market Committee December meeting minutes.

As Asia became more active in early Tokyo and into early Singapore and Hong Kong the USD/JPY gained further, breaking through its overnight high and trading up to just under 112.80. There was little fresh to drive it, the post-minutes buyers had the upper hand.

There was also action in the AUD and NZD through the day here. I noted early the stop losses clustered lower in the Australian dollar, with bids sitting under these, and the moves played out as expected. AUD/USD traded to lows circa 0.7815 and then spent the balance of the session recovering to be around its day's highs as i post circa 0.7835. Not too much of a range, but we take what we get, right?

NZD/USD played out a similar sort of pattern, down under 0.7075 at one stage and then recovering to be also close to its session highs back above 0.7100 as I post.

We got some Australian data today (see bullets above), better PMIs, but this lower tier data is not generally an immediate FX market mover.

EUR, CHF, GBP ... well these were not too active at all. Narrow ranges for these and little changed net on the session.

The CAD had a wiggle against the USD, losing ground early but retracing to be barely net changed.

Gold is a touch softer again (it was down during the overnight and has slip a little more). Bitcoin has had, for it, a subdued sort of range.