German FinMin: Euro crisis ‘not over,’ be around for months

Author: Gerry Davies | Category: News

‘Months’………………………….tad optimistic there pumpkin

  • Economic situation overshadowed by euro crisis
  • German economy’s expansion is slowing
  • Germany has become more resilient to shocks
  • Germany better adjusted to globalization than others
  • High US deficit puts pressure on World economy (yer, blame it on the septics!!)
  • Source of euro zone crisis is bad policies in member states, this is where the crisis must be solved
  • ECB is independent, this must be defended and respected
  • Significant rise in German unemployment is unlikely
  • Greece has made significant progress in consolidating budget (you big softy)
  • Greece program must meet all programm conditions (ok not soooo soft)
  • Greece program conditions can’t be renegotiated (you hard arse)
  • ‘We’re on the right track’ in the euro region
  • Stability and growth pact has ‘more teeth’ now
  • Europe has learned from its’ crisis

Schaeuble speaking in German parliament.

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