Greek debt talks - Eurogroup's Dijsselbloem says we were unable to close tonight a gap in views

  • Says Greece is committed to continue work on reforms towards a disbursement before the summer
  • Euro zone ministers had first discussion on Greek debt sustainability, no overall agreement
  • Will try to reach a deal on Greek debt at next Euro group in June
  • Euro zone ministers ready to specify further debt measures, but final decision to be taken in 2018
  • Says IMF impressed by Greek reforms, but will wait for final discussion on debt in June before deciding whether to join bailout
  • Very little needed to be completed for the next disbursement of funds to Greece
  • We had a debate on Greek primary surplus, agreement now that 3.5% of GDP should remain for 5 years
  • IMF stands ready to join the bailout but needs more clarity from Eurogroup on debt relief
  • We can be successful if we take a bit more time
  • We want the IMF to join the bailout, at the latest in 3 weeks, we were very close tonight

Headlines via Reuters

EUR unmoving

A reminder - Greece needs the next tranche of funds to repay debt due in July.

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