At 2350GMT we'll get the Bank of Japan Tankan report for Q3

The Tankan is a survey of manufacturing and service companies designed to assess business conditions in Japan

  • Tankan Large Mfg Index: expected is 13, prior was 15
  • Tankan Large Mfg Outlook: expected is 10, prior was 16
  • Tankan Large Non-Mfg Index: expected is 20, prior was 23
  • Tankan Large Non-Mfg Outlook: expected is 19, prior was 21
  • Tankan Large All Industry Capex: expected is +8.7%, prior was +9.3%
  • Tankan Small Mfg Index: expected is -2, prior was 0
  • Tankan Small Mfg Outlook: expected is -4, prior was 0
  • Tankan Small Non-Mfg Index: expected is 1, prior was 4
  • Tankan Small Non-Mfg Outlook: expected is 0, prior was 1

Note the disparity between large and small business indices and outlook. If Abe can implement needed reforms in the Japanese economy and help small business the way the first and second arrows have helped large business (fiscal boost, monetary easing, lower yen) then there will be no stopping Japan. It does seem a long way off, though.

Also from Japan today:

2350GMT also - International Transactions in Securities data from Japan's Ministry of Finance, for the week ended September 25

  • Japan Buying Foreign Bonds
  • Japan Buying Foreign Stocks
  • Foreign Buying Japan Bonds
  • Foreign Buying Japan Stocks

0135GMT - Nikkei Manufacturing PMI for September, final

  • The flash reading for this was 50.9
  • Prior (August) was 51.7