Geopolitical news from North Korea

There was a headline crossing the wires saying that North Korea missile assumed to have fallen in sea off Hokkaido. The report as attributed to NHK. However there is a correction to the news headline saying that "Reported North Korea missile launch in error".

The US flew four surveillance planes over Korean Peninsula this week as North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un hinted of the "Christmas gift" for Pres. Trump. The fear was it would be the testing of a long-range missile. Pres. Trump quipped that perhaps Kim was going to send him a "nice present" like a vase.

The correction headline is a bit ambiguous. Was the reported missile launch in error from North Korea (that is was it a human error in the failed lauch), or was the headline of a missile launch in error.

The markets don't seem too bothered. The NASDAQ and S&P index are both trading at new session highs.