Good day one and all

How did you get on with the GBP moves into/after the No vote? Anyone join me in selling the result as I had been yapping on about all week and yesterday ?

There’s still been plenty of opportunity though even if you chose different tactics, but I repeat that this day marks the start of the end of the UK. Things, quite simply will/can never be the same again

Scotland has been promised much by the UK govt in return for a No vote but back-bench/rank and file MP’s have already made it clear that they will not support many of these proposals, and certainly not to rush them through

And if the goverment’s desire to buy favour with the Scots is so necessary where does that leave Northern Ireland, Wales and indeed England itself ? The queue for devolution-max and even a federal state set-up is forming as I type.

Hey, I’m not wanting to be a prophet of doom and gloom and indeed some of these measures over the next few years will/may have positive consequences but I just think it’s inevitable, and in the immediate term there’s a general election around May next year and we know markets hate uncertainty.

Just saying.