Kiwi leads the way, while the AUD is the laggard

The NZD is picking up right where it left off yesterday, continuing its march higher today. We had positive dairy auction numbers out yesterday as well that's helping provide some better sentiment at the very least. The NZD piggybacked the AUD yesterday following better than expected retail sales data - but it looks like it's not ready quite yet to surrender its gains.

The JPY is next up on the list, as equity markets in Asia continue to look soggy. The move today in Asia echoes that of the one in US trading yesterday, and that's giving a bit of a negative vibe to the market at the moment. Meanwhile, Treasury yields are also lower on the day as 10-year yields slipped to 2.34%.

The AUD is the biggest loser so far today, after Q3 GDP numbers came in below expectations. The aussie tumbled and has not been able to recover since the data release.

Meanwhile, the GBP is still weighed down a little by Brexit talks stalling.

European traders are just about to come in, so let's gear up for another session of fun and games (a la Brexit), shall we?