Blink and you miss it so far but currently we're seeing some profit taking across a range of pairs as early USD selling triggered some decent action

EURUSD ran into offers at 1.1350 after running stops up to 1.1347 and is now back to 1.1325, GBPUSD capped by 1.5385 offers and EURGBP demand,while AUDUSD had a quick look above 0.7300 before retreating

EURJPY is also back to test support around 136.00 after posting 136.31 which is also keeping USDJPY tightly bound

EURUSD has support into 1.1300, GBPUSD between 1.5330-50 while AUDUSD has bids waiting at 0.7250 if we dip that far

UK trade balance data coming up at the bottom of the hour