Econ min out on the wires

  • Spanish govt is open to negotiating a 3rd bailout
  • says he respects result of referendum
  • any new Greek package should include comprehensive analysis of Greek needs

Isn't that last one a given ? Very shoddy if they don't before handing over the cash

  • Eurozone and Spanish economies in much better shape than at the start of the crisis
  • Eurogroup to meet tomorrow at 11.00 GMT
  • expects new proposals from Greece tomorrow
  • euro is irreversible
  • nobody wants Greece to leave the euro

Not even Germany cos it'll be too damn expensive as I reported here

Meanwhile the euro is still treading water after the earlier rally

EURUSD 1.1055 EURGBP 0.7106 EURJPY 135.55

De Guindos trying hard not to point the finger