Concerns are going to grow that with Syriza’s victory in Greece the country’s new government may turn increasingly towards Russia.

Way back in August, for example … Greece’s opposition party Syriza tells government to lift Russian sanctions

And, more:

A look at how Syriza members in the European Parliament have voted on foreign-policy resolutions related to Russia and the Eastern Partnership countries in recent months gives an indication of where things could be headed:

  • Syriza members of the European Parliament voted against the Association Agreement with Ukraine in the autumn of 2014
  • Abstained in the vote on Association Agreements for Georgia and Moldova
  • Other legislation Syriza deputies opposed included two recent resolutions drafted by the European Parliament that called for more sanctions on Moscow, condemning Russia’s actions in Ukraine such as the annexation of Crimea and Moscow’s support for separatists in the eastern part of the country (more detail here)

And, check this out from the Moscow Times: Greek Election Wins Putin a Friend in Europe

Hmmm. Hey, Putin, can you spare a euro for Greece?

(Probably not


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