It's all over for Trump so is it all over for the dollar

I don't really know what to make of that :-D

He spent his time arguing with the press and trotted out the same old threats about walls, hacking, Russia and China. Even Japan got dragged into it.

His lawyer set his business records straight but that's going to be picked over by every legal bod in the US, and probably funded by every news organisation too.

He won't be having family dinners with his sons now due to conflicts of interest, and the wall will be started sooner rather than later. He'll need some in his house too by the looks of things.

He hammered biotech stocks and his lack of fiscal talk nailed the dollar, which has just hit a new low at 115.65.

It's been a mad thing to try and trade so I'm glad I sat back with the popcorn.

This is going to be a fun filled four years (at least).

Roll on his inauguration day.

Finally, What a tan job.