The GBP is the strongest. The NZD is the weakest.

A snapshot of the forex market shows that the accumulated changes from yesterday's closing levels shows that the GBP is the strongest while the NZD is the weakest. The GBPs strength had the GBPUSD reversing the rest of what was done yesterday (and then some) the pair trades at new day highs as I type. The NZD is lower ahead of it's interest rate decision later today (3 PM ET 2000 GMT).

The volatility - as measured by comparing the low to high trading range to the 22-day average - shows that all the major major currency pairs are trading below their averages. SO there is room to extend.

US pre-market stocks are down a bit but not by much. European equities are lower but in the middle of ranges. Crude oil is up 0.68%. US Wholesale inventories will be released at 10 AM with est at +0.2% The weekly crude oil inventories will be released at 10:30 AM. Once again, the RBNZ decision is at 3 PM ET