The UK prosecutors office (CPS) say there will be no charges brought against MPs

Around 20 MPs were facing hot water over breaking spending limits during the 2015 general election but the Crown Prosecution Serves has found no case to bring charges. If found guilty, the MPs could have faced fines or imprisonment.

It's been one of the shadows hanging over Theresa May's head as she campaigns for the upcoming election and would have been pure gold as fodder for opposition parties if there had been charges brought against her MP's.

However, if you read part of the statement, this only clears the MP's on nothing more than a technicality and so they still may face the wrath of the Electoral Commission.

"The Act also makes it a technical offence for an election agent to fail to deliver a true return. By omitting any 'Battle Bus' costs, the returns may have been inaccurate. However, it is clear agents were told by Conservative Party headquarters that the costs were part of the national campaign and it would not be possible to prove any agent acted knowingly or dishonestly. Therefore we have concluded it is not in the public interest to charge anyone referred to us with this offence."

Falling foul of the Electoral Commission will have far lesser consequences than a criminal case so expect a lot of it to be brushed under the carpet by May as quickly as possible.