Yes folks, today brings the UK govt's latest spending review and Autumn Statement

UK fin min George Osborne stands up in parliament at 12.30 GMT to deliver the double whammy and we wait to the hear the full extent of the widely touted spending cuts in key service areas

The combined Autumn Statement and Spending Review will set departmental spending limits for the next 5 years and give details of the government's taxation and deficit reduction plans.

Ministers have pledged to cut annual welfare spending by £12bn, and government departments have been asked to find a total of £20bn in savings under plans to achieve a £10bn budget surplus by 2019-2020.

The chancellor also hopes to raise £5bn with a crackdown on tax avoidance but he has expected to back-track on planned £4.4bn cuts to working tax credits, which were rejected by the House of Lords last month.

On the expenditure side he will also pledge almost £7bn to make housebuilding a priority, with more than 400,000 "affordable homes" to be built in England.

Undoubtedly he will talk about increased investment in infrastructure and probably throw in a nod to his new best pals in China

None of the above is price-changing in itself for the pound but UK/GBP watchers will note the content with interest as we learn more about how this government intends to produce a sustainable economic recovery

Spending cuts may be needed to trim off some of the long-held fat but he has to be careful not to bury the hatchet too far .

The BBC is running a live thread here for those who can't view the broadcast

UK Osborne gets the hatchet out yet again today at 12.30 GMT