News out yesterday from the UK parliamentary Treasury Select Committee

The countdown to the EU referendum, widely tipped to be held by June 2016, is well underway and now the TSC will examine the potential impact of negotiations by PM Cameron to get a better deal

The TSC will also look at the terms under which the UK could leave the EU, and "the likelihood of it securing continued access to EU goods, services and capital markets," it said.

Another area of interest will be the impact of a "Brexit" on the UK's trade in the service industry, and financial services "in particular". Other topics include the effect on the free movement of people and goods.

The committee's chairman, Conservative MP Andrew Tyrie, said:

"This inquiry will be wide-ranging, dealing with all the economic and financial consequences of the UK's EU membership, and the impact of departure.

"The committee's job will be to attempt to marshal the evidence on this important question into a coherent form, enabling the electorate to make a more informed decision. It welcomes evidence from all those with views and expertise."

With momentum growing on both sides of the argument it seems common sense ( a rarity indeed in politics) to get a handle on the real facts and figures rather than the scaremongering currently being thrown around

During the recent Conservative Party conference I posted this where PM Cameron said the EU was "too big, too bossy and too interfering"

The BBC has more on the TSC review and the referendum here

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