Earlier comments said they were giving separatists until after Easter to vacate occupied government buildings. In that case ‘suspended’ doesn’t mean ‘terminated’.

What’s tougher to understand is what Ukraine gave up in four-party negotiations concluded yesterday. They’ve used the military against their own civilians in ‘anti-terrorist’ actions last week and part of the accord may have ruled out further domestic military action.

Separatists leaders today said they won’t leave the buildings so unless that changes, we’re at an impasse.

From Reuters:

[Separatist leader] Pushilin’s group is only one of many groups of pro-Russian militants that have seized buildings and arms in the east, and it was not immediately clear whether others would follow his line. But his rejection highlighted a critical hole in the Geneva agreement. Russia “did not sign anything for us,” Mr. Pushilin said at a news conference in Donetsk.