UK PM May taking her turn on the rostrum 8 Dec

  • UK welcomes prospect of moving onto trade talks
  • financial settlement is fair to UK taxpayer
  • spoken to Irish PM Varadkar, agreed to no barriers to trade
  • we guarantee there will be no hard border in Ireland
  • economic and constitutional integrity of UK preserved.
  • expects deal at EU summit next wee
  • Irish agreement does not mean UK will remain in single market

Buy rumour sell fact, not that we have too many facts at this time apart from the big sigh of relief on both sides. GBPUSD down to 1.3475. The devil is always in the detail and that now needs to be scrutinized by those involved, let alone markets.

DUP leader Foster has said there are still areas of concern and they hadn't totally agreed before May went to Brussels earlier.

Seems May & Co's big point being made is preserving UK "integrity" but for now, at least, it seems to have preserved her immediate future.

GBPUSD still sliding but holding 1.3450 so far and back to 1.3475. EURGBP capping at 0.8745.

Update: Irish PM Varadkar to hold presser at 08.00 GMT but don't expect too much more detail at this stage.

"Keep smiling and they might fall for it" " Hurrah, drinks all round for breakfast"