I posted up a preview of the inflation data a little while ago

US data due Wednesday - inflation! Here's a preview (or 3)

Here is another, this time via Nomura:

For November, core goods prices likely increased modestly, supported by another increase in used vehicle prices partly boosted by hurricane-related demand.

  • In addition, the recent stabilization of import prices likely contributed to a flattening out of other core goods prices after recent declines.

Core service prices likely increased steadily, albeit at a slightly slower pace than October.

  • A solid increase in rent inflation combined with a modest uptick in medical care prices likely contributed to a moderate increase in core service prices.

For noncore components, food prices likely increased slightly during the month, supported by a trend-like increase in food away from home prices and we expect a moderate increase in food at home prices, the other subcomponent of food prices.

We expect that CPI's energy prices overall likely rebounded during November, primarily driven by a surge in retail gasoline prices. Altogether, we expect a 0.402% m-o-m increase in headline CPI inflation, corresponding to a 2.2% rate on 12-month basis. Our forecast for CPI NSA is 246.716.