Trump is speaking to CNBC in an interview

Did you get my remarks the other day from Davos?

  • The dollar's very, very strong
  • That sounds good and is good in many ways
  • But it is very bad in terms of manufacturing
  • Interest rates in the US should be lower
  • Says that he is disappointed in Boeing

He's no doubt taking more jabs at the Fed with the remarks above, following his punches as seen here earlier today. On the dollar, he says that:

"I want this dollar to be strong. I want it to be so powerful. I want it to be great. But if you lower the interest rates, so many good things would happen."

At the same time, there are headlines also quoting him via Fox Business in saying that "we are going to be doing a middle class tax cut, a very big one". Adding that they will be announcing the details over the next 90 days.

He is also quoted as saying that if the US can't make a deal with the EU, then they will put 25% tariffs on EU cars as a consequence of that.