Asian move lower for the greenback is finding a few followers in Europe 27 March

Strange "sell rumour/but fact" reaction on Friday after Mr T pulled the health care vote but Asia led the way for a pleasant change and Europe's happy to play follow the leader.

DXY (USD index) down to lows not seen since November and US 10-yr treasury yields down to 1month lows of 2.35% and we're seeing that reflected in USD posting session lows across the board with USDJPY down to 110.15, USDCHF 0.9861, EURUSD up to 3+month highs of 1.O865 and GBPUSD also finally busting out through 1.2535 to post 1.2551 where fresh offers/res awaits.

A break of 1.2560 should trigger stops and further move to 1.2580-1.2600 but similarly there could be some value shorting here given the advance thus far.

USDJPY will have more bids/support into 110.00 and keep an eye on USDCHF into 0.9850 which might stir the SNB into some level of support although no real panic mode with EURCHF holding 1.0700 still.

Also expect some further yen and france demand to cap core pairs while the US uncertainty continues.