As highlighted here earlier, the pair are set to meet in Brussels later today

According to Bloomberg, they are scheduled to meet at 1pm Brussels time or 1200 GMT.

The meeting will likely be accompanied by UK Brexit secretary David Davis as well as EU chief Brexit negotiater Michael Barnier. It's said that before the lunch meet, Davis and Barnier will meet separately as well to keep abreast of the negotiations made during the last week and over the weekend.

The issues that are still yet to be resolved are basically the Irish border as well as the legal jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice post-Brexit. Surely, these two items have to be on the agenda in her talks - but how much of a solution will be found at the end of the day remains to be seen.

The Irish camp has spoken about "progress" being made on the border issue, but May needs to find a solution that not only satisfies the Irish camp but also her counterparts in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile the ECJ talks are mostly about the EU demanding that UK do more to defend the rights of EU citizens post-Brexit, asking that the ECJ continues to play a role in London. This of course, if May agrees to, will surely put her in a tough spot with her own party.

Be wary, things could heat up quickly today. GBP/USD is starting to slip further, now at 1.3432.