The 1st Omicron case in the US

CDC: Omicron case was fully vaccinated and has mild symptoms

The CDC/Dr. Fauci has added that

  • The omicron patient was fully vaccinated and has mild symptoms.
  • The individual is a travelers from So Africa on November 22.
  • The individual is self quarantining and those in contact have not contacted the virus
  • The individual had mild symptoms
  • The indivdual was fully vaccinated.
  • The person did not have a booster shot yet
  • The travel ban is a temporary measure.
  • Will know more about transmisability in 2-2.5 weeks
  • We may not need a variance specific boost
  • The molecular profile suggests it might be more than transmissible and might evade vaccine protection

The US stocks have rebounded off low levels. The Nasdaq is up 40 points now after trading down -28.60 points at the lows.