Caixin report on one of China's megacities, Shenzen, rolling back some of the nation’s strictest limits on home purchases:

  • The city of 17.6 million people introduced a series of measures starting in 2016 aiming to blunt skyrocketing housing prices and speculation
  • In late August, Shenzhen adjusted the definition of first-home buyers to allow more people to qualify for lower mortgage rates and lower down payments.
  • Last week, the city partly scrapped a long-time restriction and allowed residents from Hong Kong and Macao to invest in nonresidential properties.
  • Under the latest measures, Shenzhen will no longer disqualify nonresidents from buying a home if their income tax or social insurance payments in the city have been disrupted for less than six months.

Here is the link for more detail (may be gated).

shenzen china 14 September 2023