The US has requested a public UN Security COuncil meeting on Monday (January 31).

To discuss the build-up of Russian forces on the Ukraine border.

Info via Reuters, the news service citing unnamed diplomats


Adding, this via Twitter sources so it may or may not be reliable, passing it on though:

  • Biden told Zelensky that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is now virtually certain and that Kyiv needs to "prepare for impact” ... comment said to be from a senior Ukrainian official to a CNN reporter

ADDED FURTHER - the US admin says this invasion comment is not correct. (Yep, always be wary of Twitter sources like this):

  • President Biden said that there is a distinct possibility that the Russians could invade Ukraine in February. He has previously said this publicly & we have been warning about this for months. Reports of anything more or different than that are completely false.

"distinct possibility" vs. "virtually certain" is a big difference, yes. The distinction/clarification was made by a White House National Security spokesperson,