EURGBP is knocking on a very big door right now

If the pound is the current ugly duckling then the euro is the swan. EURGBP has been nibbling /its way towards a big resistance level at 0.7500 and that's been a big defining level though 2015

EURGBP weekly chart

That line also extends to 2007 were it saw some action too

This could be a huge moment for this pair and the pound isn't helping itself at all. I'm short this pair from 0.80 and this is a big line for me. If we break and hold then I'm going to bail

I cashed in my cable longs at the beginning of Dec and that move feels almost as good as a win, with the price we're at now. My EURGBP short was my main long term BOE/ECB monetary policy divergence trade but the break of this big tech level might finish it off...for now ;-)