All time high close level comes in at 3386.15

The S&P index has erased earlier declines and has move back toward the all-time high close level of 3386.15. The high price so far has reached 3384.52. Yesterday the price did extend above that level but could not sustain the momentum into the close. The all-time intraday high comes in at 3393.52.

The NASDAQ index is trading above and below the 11,100 level. It is currently trading at the 11,100 level. That is up 88.3 points or 0.8%. Yesterday the NASDAQ index rose by over 2% on the day.

The all-time high close for the NASDAQ comes in at 11108.07 so it too is near that record high close level. The all-time high intraday level for the NASDAQ comes in at 11126.04.