Near the start of the US trading day

The GBP is the strongest currency near the start of the NA trading day, while the NZD is the weakest.

The changes and ranges remain somewhat limited but the leading currencies are at their extremes. The GBPUSD is trading at the highs up 26 pips, after being lower earlier. The NZDUSD is trading down -37 points and at the lows. It has been down since the very start of the trading day.

In other markets the snapshot shows:

  • Spot gold of $.52 at $1278.54
  • WTI crude oil futures down $.17 at $55.16
  • US yields are higher. Two-year up 2.4 basis points. Five-year up 3.3 basis points. 10 year up 3.2 basis points. 30 year up three basis points
  • US stock futures are higher premarket trading. Dow futures are up 73 points NASDAQ futures are up 29.25 points, and S&P futures are higher by 8.75 points