• Investors and/or traders interested in purchasing Apple shares should do their own research, as this is not financial advice. Still, one option for purchasers is to ride the probable rise up to $170, take a partial profit (e.g., sell half of the position), and hold the rest of the stock position for the long term
  • If Apple's stock price drops below $124, it would indicate an issue with the bullish assumption, and investors could want to consider liquidating at least half of their holdings in order to reduce their risk
  • Advanced stock buyers may want to consider a more complex, gradual accumilation of Apple stock as follows, taking an example for a buy of $110,000 for a total budget

    1. Buy $10k at a price at apx $155.55 (close to the recent close)

    2. Buy $20k at $148.55

    3. Buy $30k at $142.05

    4. Buy $50k at $138.05

The 'scaling in' method includes heavier buying as the price declines, a stop loss and take profit target with a note that buyers can consider taking partial profit (eg, 50%) if the target is reached. The following video details how to buy APPL stock, according to this method, inspired by the 'Fibonnaci entry method' that I created.

Buy or sell Apple stock at your own risk and return to ForexLive.com for additional perspectives and technical analysis ideas.

Last but not least, here is an interactive weekly price chart of Apple: