US 2 year yields
US 2 year yield reached 4% for the first time since Oct 2007

The US yields have moved off their lows and in the process has seen the 2 year yield move above the 4% level for the first time since the week of October 1, 2007. The high yield reached 4.01%.

The benchmark 10 year yield is also erasing earlier declines. It is at 3.565%, up from a low of 3.518% earlier today. The high yield this week reached 3.604%. The yield had not been that high since the week of February 14, 2011.

US 10 year

The USD has moved higher with the rise back higher in yields.

  • EURUSD moved to a new low and tested the 2022 low from September 6 at 0.98634. The low reached 0.98659.
  • USDJPY moved back to the high for the day at 144.20
  • USDCAD moved to a new 2022 high at 134.084 and moves further away from the 50% of the range since the pandemic high at 1.3336
  • AUDUSD moved to retest the earlier low for the day/year/going back to May 2020 at 0.66538.