USDCHF moves to a new session low

The USDCHF is falling to a new low on the day after attempts above the highest high since January 31 failed (both yesterday and today).

The pair moved above the February 10 high at 0.92966 yesterday and moved to a high for the day at 0.9306. The high today reached 0.9302 below that high level, before rotating back to the downside.

After up and down consolidation in the London/early New York session, a new low for the day has now been reached 0.9261 (as I type). There is some support near 0.9261 and better support down near the 50% midpoint of the range since the January 31 high at 0.92458. Swing lows from yesterday stalled ahead of that level near 0.9248.

If the sellers are to take more control, watch the 0.9272 to 0.92767 area for resistance. Stay below keeps the sellers more control. Move back above and the 0.9285 to 0.92966 become the focus once again.