Someone else is selling them


It's a wild day in the crypto market.

Depending on whether El Salvador bought them 8 hours ago or 8 minutes ago, that is a wildly varying trade but he tweeted out the buy himself just a few minutes ago:

El Salvador president

Crypto prices have had a big bounce from the lows a few minutes ago. Ethereum held just above $3000 and the low in BTC was precisely $43,000 on my screen.

You have to wonder if there's a big 'sell the fact' trade ongoing.

There's also talk that Coinbase is down but I'm not sure if that came before or after the drop.

Here was him tweeting out about buying 200 late yesterday.

El Salvador president d

Today is the day bitcoin became legal tender in El Salvador.

The President only stopped tweeting for a slightly-shorter than 3 hours period in the past 24 hours. So he's an exhausted 40-year-old trader who is FOMO-ing on Bitcoin and somehow thinks he is sticking it to the IMF. At least he was right about the FUD:

El Salvador's President tweets

The next Presidential election is in 2024. He better hope bitcoin prices are higher then.