The Philly Fed's DVD series has quietly appeared on youtube

It don't know how I've never seen this before.

Evidently, back in 2013 the Philly Fed produced a video series on what the Federal Reserve is, and how it works. It's about 2 hours long.

As far as I can tell, no one has ever watched it. Or virtually no one. The bad green screen, the Cash-for-Gold style logo and the horribly-delivered lines doomed it.

"A pipe wrench might be worth an umbrella to someone, but two umbrellas to someone else," is a line that dwarfs the cameos from Bernanke and Yellen.

As far as I can piece together, it was released as a DVD (after DVD's were basically obsolete) and it had a Facebook page. You can still order DVD though, and it's absolutely free on the Philly Fed site. After about six months they abandoned promoting it and some copies later appeared on youtube.

Evidently hasn't given up. Last month, they released Version 2.0 and patched in some new edits.

They've put it back on youtube, now on the Philly Fed's channel. The thing is, no one has noticed. I mean, no one at all. Some of the segments have one single view, which I assume is the person who uploaded it.

I can't think of a better way break in an intern.

And seriously, it's not that bad of a way to learn about the Fed. Watch it here.