I wouldn’t replace my real dog with a robot driven by AI, would you?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming our world, introducing profound changes in numerous domains, including writing emails, browsing the web, and even stock picking and trading. Yet, as I watched my dog, Mika, the thought occurred to me: how far are we willing to let AI replace the authentic experiences in our lives?

Imagine a future where AI has evolved to such an extent that I could replace Mika with a robotic counterpart, one so perfectly designed that it would be nearly impossible to distinguish from a real dog. This AI-driven robot would be the epitome of a perfect pet, never misbehaving or causing inconveniences.

Impeccable fur is the new black

With her impeccable fur and flawless behavior, this robot dog would never wake me up in the middle of the night with incessant barking, or leave unwanted surprises on the floor. Continuously learning and adapting, she would evolve to meet my needs perfectly, embodying the ideal of a ‘good dog.’

Faced with this futuristic scenario, I asked myself: Would I replace Mika with this flawless robotic dog? To my surprise, the answer was a resounding no.

Mika beats AI and always will because I know she's real.
Mika beats AI and always will because I know she's real.

Why not? Simply put, there’s something irreplaceable about the authenticity of Mika, about her realness. I would choose a real dog over a robot, even if the latter promises superior productivity or performance.

This decision reflects a human preference that I believe will persist as AI continues to disrupt various sectors. While AI might streamline many tasks, it will not completely replace the human desire for authentic experiences.

What about AI taking over investing and stock picking?

The same principle applies to stock picking, but to a much lesser extent than my example with Mika. Some investors may have a favorite stock or company – take Tesla, for instance. They might totally love Elon Musk for various reasons, choosing Tesla not based solely on valuation related P/E multiples or any measurable factor, but for their personal human preference. Even when AI suggests alternatives that may perform better, they still choose Tesla – much like I choose Mika.


But why to a lesser extent? Because people would still thrive to invest to generate a profit and would, thus, be inclined to trust or at least test advanced AI driven investment tools. Still, there will always be people that just love Elon Musk like I love Mika, and would not let AI override that.

In a world increasingly driven by AI, where do we draw the line? How much of our authentic, human experiences are we willing to replace for the sake of productivity?

As for me, I wouldn’t trade Mika for a robot, no matter how perfect. What about you? Would you replace your beloved pet with an AI-driven robot? And what do you think about Elon and Tesla stock, anyway? Please comment below.