Over one million traders have chosen LiteFinance to trade in the financial markets. The company has designed one-of-a-kind services for smooth and successful trading: a dedicated online platform, a copy trading service, and mobile apps.

Dedicated trading platform

The LiteFinance team yearns to make online trading smooth and accessible to everyone. One of the broker's solutions is a user-friendly trading platform that runs in any browser on any device.

The platform includes the "Trade", "Copy", "Analytics ", "Profile", "Finance", "MetaTrader", and "Affiliate" sections.

To conduct trading operations, the "Trade" tab is used. All assets are subdivided into groups: currency pairs, oil, precious metals, etc.

Here, the trader can add trading indicators or view important news in an economic calendar. The chart also shows trades closed by other traders: they are marked as yellow dots.

The latest information is published in the "Analytics" tab, so LiteFinance's clients do not have to search for and examine forecasts on numerous resources. The Twitter Watcher service can be activated in this tab, too. This option delivers trading recommendations for cryptocurrencies based on messages on Twitter.

The LiteFinance online platform also provides various training materials: articles, webinars, reviews, etc. They help figure out the basics of trading in the financial markets.

In the MetaTrader tab, one can open new trading accounts (CLASSIC, ECN, and DEMO), switch between accounts, and transfer money. This tab also allows downloading MT4 and MT5 platforms and changing account passwords.

Besides trading, LiteFinance's clients can earn money from copying other traders' positions via a copy trading service.

Copy trading system

A handy ranking system allows users to choose a trader and start copying their trades. Traders can be filtered by risk and profitability. The trader's window will show commissions, the volume of funds managed, and the number of copy traders. The trading history is displayed, too, so investors can estimate trading efficiency and check out the trader's most used assets, types and volume of trades, and profit/loss ratios.

Various copy parameters can be set in the system: volumes (1 to 1 or a % of each trade's volume), the maximum loss and profit, and amounts to copy.

Users can get in touch with a trader directly via an online chat to discuss trading strategies.

Built-in traders' chats and channels

Traders' chats and channels can be found in the client's area on LiteFinance's online platform. Specific chats and channels can be searched using the search bar. All the interface elements can be found in the upper right corner of the online platform.

One can chat about trading ideas, technical indicators, important financial news, and the like, or send private messages.

Channels provide lots of useful information, such as expert analyses and training materials, and publish LiteFinance's latest news: trading holidays, bonuses, and promotions. The platform's notifications are displayed here, too. That's convenient when one works with numerous trading instruments simultaneously.

Users can also contact the support team: the chat is available 24 hours a day, five days a week.

LiteFinance mobile apps

LiteFinance provides several apps to trade online using an iOS or Android mobile device.

LiteFinance investments

This app combines a personal client area with a trading platform — all one needs to do mobile trading online. Unlike a mobile MetaTrader version, the LiteFinance platform has been designed to provide the set of functions available on a desktop version: over 150 trading assets (including currency pairs, CFDs on shares, and stock indexes), 75 built-in indicators, four types of orders, and a copy trading system.

Deposits are made instantly, and one client profile can automatically withdraw up to $5,000 a day. Traders' chats and channels are still available in this app, so LiteFinance's clients can keep in touch with pro traders and the support team.

The app is regularly updated in terms of productivity and new technical and graphic analysis tools.

Trading signals

This app delivers free trading signals from financial experts. More than 22 trading instruments are analyzed: currency pairs, DOW and NIKKEI indexes, and oil.

LiteFinance's analytics

LiteFinance Analytics notifies users of significant financial developments, displays real trading signals and recommendations, does technical and fundamental analysis online, broadcasts financial experts' video reviews, etc. With this app, you can keep current on the latest events and macroeconomic news. At the same time, the app's interface is intuitive and easy to use.

LiteFinance's trading strategies

This app will help you master trading strategies fast and learn to apply them when trading in the financial markets. The application provides more than 100 strategies, and the list is regularly expanded. Only reliable strategies tested by pro traders in real accounts are included here. There's also a handy glossary of indicators and charts.

Economic calendar for Forex

Any trader needs this app as it helps them keep track of the most important economic events that affect exchange rates. The economic calendar is easy to use: the user only needs to parameter notifications and filter news. The app will then send push notifications in real time.