With the independence referendum rapidly approaching this Thursday the gloves are most certainly off and both sides will be throwing everything into their campaigns this week-end.

48 hours that could well make or break.

We can expect plenty more rhetoric and polls-a-plenty and of course more GBP fluctuations.

Anyone else find it ironic that former UK PM, and Scot, Gordon Brown – the man who sold us down the river and mismanaged the UK economy – is now the most active pro-union campaigner on the streets ?

Enough of this independence nonsense, who wants to hear how I sold tons of Gold

Enough of this independence nonsense, who wants to hear how I sold 395 tonness of Gold just before an unprecedented decade of price rallies?

Meanwhile Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond says the Yes campaign will not be “bullied” by big business or the UK govt and has renewed his complaint that the Treasury broke ministerial rules when it confirmed to journalists that the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) planned to relocate its registered headquarters from Edinburgh to London in the event of a “Yes” vote.

The Yes Scotland campaign claims that over the weekend there will be more than 35,000 volunteers at 473 registered street stalls trying to persuade people to vote for independence.They say that 2.6 million “Yes” leaflets will be delivered in 48 hours.

It’s all going down to the wire and as well as our extensive coverage the BBC has this excellent tracker.