FXO 19-04

There are a couple of big ones to take note of for the day, namely for EUR/USD at 1.0800 and USD/CAD at 1.2590-00.

The former will add to some resistance at the figure level after the break lower in EUR/USD, with key near-term levels adding an extra layer of defense for sellers at 1.0824-50. But for now, the hold below 1.0800 keeps sellers poised so the expiries may play a roll in limiting gains barring any broader market moves.

Meanwhile, the ones for USD/CAD are seen close to the confluence of the key hourly moving averages @ 1.2602-03 so put together and that adds to some near-term technical resistance for the pair in case buyers make a recovery play on the day.

Besides that, it is again vital to be aware that there isn't much expiries on the board for USD/JPY through to 130.00 so that leaves a rather empty space for price to roam freely on the way up.

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