German newspaper Börsenzeitung article reported by our good friends at Livesquawk

  • CB's Lautenschläger, Weidmann & Knot voted against the decision of the ECB council to keep the bank's purchase programme open ended
  • even ECB's Coeure, usually a close ally to Draghi, made some critical comments

No surprise to see the German contingent in the frame of dissenters or indeed the article appearing in a German newspaper but Coeure's objections/concerns perhaps of more note even though we know he has been vocal previously on extended QE

I'm sure all will be revealed in due co(e)urse. Meanwhile here is one of his recent outpourings in a speech entitled "The transmission of the ECB's monetary policy in standard and non-standard times"

EURUSD still trawling around session lows at 1.1624. EURGBP capping above 0.8870 for the moment.