• Is looking for a fairly robust economy in Q4
  • Not expecting a lot of cyclical wage rises in coming quarters/year
  • Sees potentially 5.5% unemployment in next few months
  • Says economy in better shape than past few years

Bully Bullard speaking on Fox. No bombshells this time like he created with his previous comments on stopping the taper.

He then adds that the US looks like an island of prosperity compared to the rest of the world (I’ll open that one up to the rest of you to comment on ;- ) )

  • Optimistic on US growth outlook due to low longer term rates and lower oil prices
  • Says FOMC was sensible to close bond buying last month

Is he for real, after his comments last month led to that big spill in stocks and the dollar?

  • US is in good shape. Should not consider another stimulus program
  • Fed will be able to proceed with normalisation in 2015
  • BOJ move shows credibility and determination

Not that we can take anything from Bullard at face value now, but that’s one Fed head who hasn’t mentioned the currency.

This fella is on the FOMC subs bench next year. Is it me or is that a scary thought?