Comments from Federal Reserve vice-chairman Stanley Fischer on CNN:

  • Minutes show 13 of 17 FOMC officials saw 2015 liftoff
  • Wanted to take time to appraise economic conditions
  • Global developments weigh more on Fed than in past
  • US is increasingly integrated in the world economy
  • What happens abroad does matter to what happens in US
  • Need to be confident of return to 2% inflation
  • Fed is required by law to focus on US economy but we don't want to damage the rest of the world economy

I would have loved for there to have been some market-rocking comment with 50 minutes left in forex trading for the week but there isn't much there.

If anything, the comments are balanced but a touch hawkish. Noting that most FOMC members still expect to hike this year is the Fed reiterating that December is still on the table.

I wrote earlier about how Federal Reserve rate hike expectations changed this week.