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Insider secrets of forex trading for newbies

What are some of the things you should know when starting to trade Every new trader wants to find the best way to trade the forex market. For many, finding that way is a deep secret that is hard to understand. However, the secret to trading is quite simple; it is not a game of luck or chance. Trading requires you to take a serious approach and not just thinking of making a profit. Nevertheless, your success in this market requires several components. Don't think that it is only the novice traders that want to absorb all the possible secrets they can. Interestingly, even professional traders keep searching for that perfect grail that will revolutionize their trading. For them, the grail will unfold all the secrets they need to know in trading the largest financial market of the world. With this, they can increase their earning in the shortest period with consistent profits. Learning the secrets of trading can be the determining factor in succeeding in your trading journey. Using the right knowledge, you can minimize your trading risks and increase your profit. Well, not all traders have the opportunity or time to analyze the market; hence, they rely on trading signals. Importantly, the quality of a signal provider will greatly influence your overall success in this market. Dealing with Forex Signal Providers Trading requires accuracy in each signal, and once that goal is defeated, the outcome won't be palatable. Therefore, if you are a new trader thinking of using a signal provider, it is essential to choose with results proven. Reliability is very important when you consider the number of scammers on the rise. However, trading signals won't be 100% accurate, so you shouldn't be deterred with little loss. In choosing a signal provider, the important fact is not about the frequency of their signals, but it's accuracy. Consistency is crucial, which is why you should engage a forex signal provider that has been on the forex market for a couple of years. The longer they are in trading, the better it would be for you to use their signals. Never told Inside Secrets of Forex Trading There are secrets that most traders won't tell you in trading forex. You might have heard about them but never given a thought to it. Here are some of the deep secrets you won't hear professionals talk about in the forex industry. Trade with a purpose - A large part of your trading requires your emotion. Therefore, you don't have to trade because you feel like doing that. Trading is a risky adventure, which is why you need to risk only money you are willing to lose. If you want to enter the market, do that with a purpose and not just random trading.Don't rush your trading - You don't have to rush your trade because you have time to trade again. The market always exists; so take your time to master your art on a demo account before considering going live. Learning this the hard way as most newbies did is not a wise decision. Additionally, if you can afford it, you can take courses and training to fine-tune your trading.Track your trading journal - If you want to know if you are making progress or not, keep a journal for your trading. It doesn't matter what approach or trading style you decide to use, keep a log of your trading. With this, you can know what works and doesn't. Furthermore, you can make any corrections if you find out a particular strategy doesn't work.Run if it sounds too good - Here is where many new traders are lured. They are enticed with outrageous offers such that don't consider the negative aspect. It doesn't matter if it is an indicator or signal; if it promises you a lot of money with no risk, you better run away. There is no shortcut to trading the forex market. Be wise!Be patient - The financial market isn't as easy as many think. At first, you might hear about the good part, but once you jump in, confusion begins to take the best of you. Trading takes time to master just like any profession. You don't expect to be a doctor or a pilot in a single year. You need time and patience, even when things aren't going the way you expect. It would be best if you were patient when you place your trade. You need to have patience even when the market is against you. Trading is patient. Closing Remarks: Let's face reality - generating consistent profit in your trading isn't a straightforward task. It does require a certain effort from you. There are many ways to make the process easier. You can decide to invest in 1-on-1 trading with experts who have advanced knowledge of the market. Furthermore, if you want to use forex trading as a source of income, you can buy trading signals. It is not rocket science knowing how to input your signals in your MetaTrader 5 or trading platforms. This article was submitted by LegacyFX. For bank trade ideas, check out eFX Plus


Lessons from a 30-year career in markets

Lessons from Jon Boorman, who died today The wife of Jon Boorman, the President and CEO of Broadsword Capital, revealed that he died today after a battle with brain cancer. Awhile back, he wrote a post about the things he learned in 30 years in financial markets. It's a great read. Lots of it you have surely heard before but at such a volatile, uncertain time in markets, it's a good time to remember the old lessons. I am responsible for everything that happens to me.Everything. Good and bad, but this mostly comes into play for something bad. You won't find me blaming the Fed, QE, HFT, or any conspiracy nonsense if my portfolio performs badly. The outcome is a result of my decisions. That bad trade was my stock selection, my execution, my choice of broker, all my decisions that led to that outcome. He didn't know he was dying when he wrote his last lesson, but it sure rings true today. When you're young, you have so much time but never enough money. When you're old you have money but never enough time.How you perceive and value time and money will change many times throughout your life, but at the end there's only one you'll want more of, would give anything for, but it won't be available at any price. Cherish it while you can.Health is wealth. Take care of yourselves.


Best 5 indicators for forex traders

The best indicators to help with your trading Trading forex requires a depth of insight into the trend of the market. The trader needs to understand the direction of the market and be adequately guided. The essence of this is to know exactly when to trade or take the right position. Traders are not left to hazard guesses; indicators have been designed to guide them. In this article, the best 5 indicators are carefully x-rayed. So, what are the best indicators traders can use? Below is a list of the top reliable indicators we have chosen after a careful market survey. List of best 5 indicators Though it is difficult to say a particular indicator is better than others, we have selected these after we have tested them and also based on the fact that a lot of traders trust them. 1. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) The Relative Strength Index was designed by J. Welles Wilder to estimate the speed and change of price movements. RSI, which functions as a momentum oscillator, is popular among traders because of the relative simplicity of interpreting it. RSI is plotted on a distinct scale; it comprises of a single line calibrated from 0-100 that contrasts the strength of the stock's recent gains and recent losses. The RSI is useful in identifying overbought and oversold conditions. It also authenticates other technical indicators and alerts traders of possible reversals through divergence with price trends. Calculating RSI involves multiple steps of computing relative strength by drawing a contrast between gains and losses. This is attained by observing the following: Calculate Average Gain:  total gain/period Calculate Average Loss: total loss/period Calculate Relative Strength (RS): to obtain relative strength; the average gain is divided by the average loss; Average gain/average loss. Therefore RSI = [ 100 -(100/(1+RS)] 2. Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) Moving Average Convergence Divergence is a momentum indicator that follows the trend and indicates the correlation connecting two moving averages of a security's price. MACD looks quite difficult to adopt by inexperienced traders who do not yet understand the awesome functionalities it offers. The more experienced traders use MACD more dynamically; in most cases, in combination with other appropriate tools. Although MACD is a lagging indicator, it could be converted into a momentum oscillator. To do this, you subtract the longer moving average from the shorter moving average. MACD is an example of a trend indicator; it is made up of three components, namely; a fast line, a slow line, and a histogram. Its primary advantage is its ability to determine a trend reversal. It can also be used to identify the top and bottom lines of trends which helps the trader to reduce the risk on his investment. 3. Bollinger Bands The Bollinger bands are a volatility indicator invented by financial analyst John Bollinger. It is one of the best indicators for Forex trading out of the several volatility channel methods available for Forex traders. Bollinger Bands are among the most popularly used technical indicators. They are easy to apply and are useful as accurate trends, volatility, and momentum indicator. They can also help to identify new trends and the end of trends, making them truly multiple purpose indicators. The Bollinger band uses two parameters: 1. The duration for the moving average is usually 20 days. 2. The number of 2 standard deviations that you want the band placed away from the moving average in stock trading. Used in combination with an oscillator to generate buy or sell signals  • If Bollinger Bands are used in conjunction with an oscillator such as Relative Strength Index (RSI), it generates buy and sell signals when the Bollinger Bands signify an overbought/oversold market at the same time the oscillator signifies a divergence. When charted automatically by a trading platform, Bollinger bands are very easy to use and can add another scope to plot analysis for a trader. 4. Stochastic Oscillator George Lane, a market technician, developed the Stochastic oscillator to identify when security is overbought or oversold. To achieve this, it equates a security's recurrent closing price to its price range for a defined period. The principle employed by the Stochastic Oscillator is the probabilities required with random distribution. The Stochastic Oscillator is symbolized by %K; it is used to compare the evolving price action to a relative average value. The derivation formula is given below: %K = ((Closing Price - Range Low) / (Range High - Range Low)) * 100. The Stochastic Oscillator is an indicator that does not go after price or volume but indicates the speed, or momentum of a price. As a result, it helps to predict a change in the direction of the price. The Stochastic oscillator is a popular indicator among traders for identifying a bullish or bearish trend in the market. The adaptability of Stochastics makes it a methodology adopted by many experts and new traders alike. 5. Average Directional Index (ADX) The Average Directional Index is an outstanding indicator. ADX is used to measure trend strength. ADX computations are based on a moving average of price range increase over a specific period. Most indicators either work best for trending markets or range-bound markets, but few can execute both tasks effectively. However, the ADX, which can be used as a single indicator to measure the strength of a trend, is also a component of the Directional Movement System developed by J. Welles Wilder. The average directional index (ADX) is used for deciding when the price is trending strongly. When you trade in the direction of a strong trend, you reduce the risk and increase the prospect of making a profit. ADX identifies trending conditions in addition to helping the trader find the strongest trends to trade. Its ability to measure trend strength is a great advantage for traders. ADX also recognizes range conditions; that way, a trader does not get trapped trying to trend trade in sideways price action. ADX also notifies the trader of changes in trend momentum, addressing the issue of risk management in the process.  This article was submitted by LegacyFX. For bank trade ideas, check out eFX Plus


Trade the US election 'Game of Thrones' volatility

Gearing up for the US presidential election For many people, the US Election has turned into a saga not unlike a presidential 'Game of Thrones'.  To give everyone the best support to trade the volatility caused by the Presidential and Senate elections, global investment gateway, Squared Financial, has launched an innovative deposit bonus campaign.    Ahead of the US election, on the 3rd November 2020, SquaredFinancial is giving investors an additional deposit bonus to boost their trading.  The exclusively offer is available for new clients who register between the 19th of October and the 6th of November 2020.    SquaredFinancial's deposit bonus campaign gives traders the specialist tools they need to interpret how different election outcomes could impact global financial markets.  Squared's highly regarded analysis team will provide exclusive election insights, including:  Analysis of market-relevant developments  Potential trading ideas on key affected markets  Risk management techniques to help navigate the election  Frequent Exclusive Webinars  Daily Market Commentary  Manie Van Rooyen, Chief Executive of SquaredFinancial Seychelles, said: "This campaign forms part of our wider strategy of adopting a client-centric approach.  It reflects our ongoing efforts to respond to the needs of traders through innovative technology, insightful educational resources and proactive customer support."  The SquaredFinancial US Election campaign will allow qualifying traders to get up to a 25% deposit bonus in addition to the exclusive information and insights.  The level of deposit bonus will be linked to levels of trading and offers a fantastic opportunity to make the most of the election volatility.    SquaredFinancial has offices in London, Seychelles, Hong Kong, Geneva and Cyprus, allowing it to provide global solutions for a rapidly changing investment market.  With a focus on new generation traders and investors who want an easy access, sophisticated, global gateway, providing flexible trading of a full range of financial assets and products.  For more information about SquaredFinancial US Election Campaign please go to: or follow @sq_financial.   This article was submitted by SquaredFinancial. For bank trade ideas, check out eFX Plus


Oil: Stable, finally?

What's the outlook on the oil market right now? Technical  The oil price stabilized around $40. With the exception of a drop down $36 in the beginning of October, it has been trading within the channel between $39 and $41.50 for the last four weeks. Currently, it is in consolidation around $40.50 trading above 50-while all the Moving Averages are assembled in ascending order. Therefore, from the technical perspective, there is little indication for oil to lose value again. Fundamental OPEC+ is meeting today. The Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee will hold an online reunion to check whether all the OPEC+ country members comply with the output cut policy - that the JMMC's main objective and function normally. No new decisions are expected before OPEC+ next meeting on December 1, however, there is a certainty that the likelihood of easing the cut in the year is very low. Primarily, that's because of the second wave of COVID-19 which keeps the demand outlook in a gray area. In addition to that, Libya is reported to be increasing its output (that was previously reduced to minimum levels due to the military and political unrest in the country). Therefore, expect to see strict guidelines from the side of OPEC+ which will make sure the cuts are there to put firm ground to the price of oil. For us, it means it may be dropping from time to time to $36 as it did two weeks ago, but lower than that - OPEC+ will try to let that happen. Election A logical question related to the oil market is how a potential change of the US President will the oil price. Most observers agree that if something will change, that will be stability: with Joe Biden, it is expected to be higher. That is not because of specific points on his agenda related to oil but rather due to the general "change of attitude": a steady one. Donald Trump used to move markets - not only oil - with his tweets or comments, sometimes as eccentric as short. Joe Biden seems to be more "emotionally mature" if that may be ascribed to the manner a politician behaves. However, in reality, only time will tell. All we can say for now is that Joe Biden is generally much less "into oil" than Donald Trump - only that may be enough for the oil price to be more secure.  This post is written and submitted by FBS Markets for informational purposes only. In no way shall it be interpreted or construed to create any warranties of any kind, including an offer to buy or sell any currencies or other instruments.  The views and ideas shared in this article are deemed reliable and based on the most up-to-date and trustworthy sources. However, the company does not take any responsibility for accuracy and completeness of the information, and the views expressed in the article may be subject to change without prior notice.


Grand Capital will triple your deposit to celebrate its 14th anniversary

Grand Capital celebrates its 14th anniversary Until November 30th, the broker presents all traders with an opportunity to triple their deposits. Grand Capital has recently launched a special offer: "200% bonus", and it can be claimed multiple times. Here's how it works. This autumn, the international broker Grand Capital is celebrating its 14th anniversary. Over the course of its career, the company has established itself as a reliable and comfortable broker that's always there for you. Today at Grand Capital, 800,000 clients from 47 countries trade 500 instruments including cryptocurrencies and ETFs. Tech support is ready to offer help with any issue 24/7. To celebrate the 14th anniversary, all clients of Grand Capital can get up to 200% in bonuses with every deposit. This means clients can effectively triple their deposits and make profit from the bonus funds. How to claim the bonus funds Deposits of at least $100 made from September 28th to November 30th are eligible for the bonus. 200% is the highest possible bonus amount. The size of the bonus depends on the client's trading experience at Grand Capital and the deposit amount. For instance, if you're investing $300 as a new client, you will get a bonus of 85%, or $255. In total, you will have $555 at your disposal instead of $300, and all profit generated from trading the bonus funds can be withdrawn at any time. Even if you haven't been a client of the company for too long, you still can increase your bonus: for example, a completely new client will get 130% with a deposit of $3,000. Clients can use a special bonus calculator to learn the precise amount of bonus they will receive beforehand.  Generous and transparent bonuses are a hallmark of the company. As is the case with other Grand Capital offers, 200% bonus can easily be converted into real profit: it can be used to cover drawdowns and transferred into property. Two account types are eligible for the offer: Standard and Swap Free. Standard account: 450 instruments including cryptocurrencies and ETFs Traders have access to 450 instruments on a Standard account: currencies, cryptocurrencies, stocks, metals, energy and agricultural commodities, securities, and ETFs. Tight spreads (from 0.4) and no commissions for Forex instruments: this account is designed for the most efficient trading process. The account operates on the most popular and familiar trading platform MetaTrader 4. The account can be denominated in USD, JPY, EUR, RUB, ETH, BTC, GOLD, or GBP. Swap Free: no hidden fees This account offers 350 instruments for trading on the same platform: MetaTrader 4. Originally designed for traders of Islamic faith who aren't allowed to charge or pay interest, Swap Free is now also popular among traders who prefer long-term strategies. Traders who use Swap Free accounts don't pay any fees for the transfer of positions through the midnight. Moreover, Grand Capital doesn't charge any additional fees. Such conditions, combined with the leverage of up to 1:500, make for very favorable trading. Clients can claim a 200% bonus on both accounts at the same time, if sufficient deposits have been made into both. If the bonus is claimed multiple times, the deposits are added, which means that with each new deposit your bonus will be calculated anew. About Grand Capital Grand Capital is an international Forex broker that has been providing trading and investment services in the financial and derivatives markets since 2006. A member of the independent international financial commission FinaCom that protects the interests of traders. Grand Capital uses the blockchain-based Serenity Escrow to prevent any misappropriation of the funds of clients. Grand Capital is a recipient of 18 professional awards, including such titles as the Best Forex Broker, Best ECN Broker, Best Trading Technology. The company was also recognized by the award Stability in Forex. This article was submitted by Grand Capital.


Expert Advisors and scripts: What do we need them for?

Understanding more about Expert Advisors (EA) What is an Expert Advisor on Forex? On Forex, there are plenty of trading systems: profitable or not very. The trading community keeps bringing to perfection and inventing new and new up-to-date systems. Naturally, the trader has little time to keep track of the multiple trading opportunities all over the market on all instruments.There emerges a need for an Expert Advisor (EA) - an automatic system. The traders, who have profitable trading systems, have designed analytical programs. The simplest of them are called scripts. A script is a simple single algorithm that gives a signal to the trader or makes a trade itself if certain conditions are fulfilled. As a rule, these programs switch off when a trade is complete, so for the next use they are to be launched again. Imagine we have a strategy for one instrument. The condition is for the market to move from the level of point A to the level of point B. According to our strategy, after each impulse of growth, in correction, we can enter the market with a profit, at the level of point B. Imagine we have decided to enter the market with a correction of 50%. To free ourselves from tiresome waiting for the development of impulses of growth and corrections, we can use the script after each trend. The script will activate our order when the trading situation happens. At the example of pic. 1, the script activates the first order at the correction of the first impulse of growth. Upon doing so, it switches off, so you will have to launch it again after the second impulse. The script will activate your second order at the moment of correction to the level 50% from the second impulse. In both cases, the Take Profit is at point B. This is the simplest example of using a script. The advantage of such a script is the trustworthiness of its signals on H4.The drawback is the necessity to re-launch it each time for a correct trade. 👉 Here you can find information about how to create your own Expert Advisor from scratch with no coding skills. Pros and cons of Expert Advisors If your strategy lets you count the correction on each trend of an impulse precisely, you need a more complicated program, accounting for both buys at the moments of the development of the impulse and sells at the moments of its correction. Such complicated programs are called Expert Advisors. They can detect the size of an impulse, as well as the size of a correction. They independently open both selling and buying orders. Practically, after the Expert Advisor is launched, it executes your trading strategy fully and by itself. This is one of the clear pros of such Expert Advisors. Among their cons is the inability to adapt to new market situations requiring completely new trading strategies. Many traders try to optimize Expert Advisors but in the end they get disappointing results, deteriorating trust even to the most promising, brand-new trading strategies. Types of Expert Advisors All existing EAs can be divided in 8 types. 1. Scalping EA This Expert Advisorcan open hundreds of trades in a session. Each order has a short Take Profit and a short Stop Loss. At the end of the day, a positive balance of profit is probable. 2. Range EA This Expert Advisorstarts working when the market is in a consolidation range. The program trades from the borders of the range. 3. Trend EA This Expert Advisordetects the beginning of a trend and works till this trend ends and a new one begins. 4. Martingale EA This Expert Advisoraims at breaking out a range. In the case of a Stop Loss, it reverses the order and doubles it (again and again) until it makes a profit sized the width of the range. 5. Multicurrency EA These are the most expensive Expert Advisors. They can analyze a lot of instruments and trade almost all currency pairs, taking correlation into account. 6. News EA This Expert Advisortrades at specific time. Before some news is published, it analyzes the consolidation area formed and uses a breakout of the range in a certain direction till the end of the session. 7. EA on indicators This Expert Advisorreceives signals from at least two indicators, the first one being a trend indicator and the second one - an oscillator. 8. EA without indicators This Expert Advisor trades a certain graphic or technical algorithm in strict compliance with the rules of an indicatorless strategy. 👉 Here you can find descriptions and test drives of the most popular Expert Advisors on Forex. Is it worth working with an Expert Advisor? Remember: every automatic Expert Advisor/robot executes just one strategy. It should be launched only when and if you see a clear trading situation suitable for your time-proven strategy, written in the Expert Advisor. Any attempts of optimizing and then using ready-made robots that do not suit your strategy may entail financial losses. Successful trading to everyone! This article was submitted by Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Financial Expert and Author at RoboForex Blog


Can Trump shock the market, and what would the impact be?

A look at how the US election race is panning out How is it shaping up? National polls can be useful to predict how popular a candidate is across the country as a whole, but as proven time and again over the past few years they're not always a good way to predict the result of the election. Predict-It data currently shows a Biden Win/Democratic Congress the most likely outcome with Biden/Divided Congress the next most likely outcome. However, because the US uses an electoral college system the candidate with the most votes will not always win the election. The race for the White House is much closer in the swing states than nationally. An electoral-vote-weighted average had former Vice President Joe Biden's lead at 3.6 points in six critical contests -- Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, and North Carolina. In 2016, President Trump outperformed his final RealClearPolitics poll average in those states by 2.8 points. Regardless, Joe Biden has been ahead of Donald Trump in most national polls since the start of the year, consistently polled around 50% and many polls now have him with a +10-point lead nationally. We have already seen the market attaching lower pricing to immediate risk around the US Election with USDJPY Derivative volatility begin to taper off since the first presidential debate and US Indices also recovering all their losses since the September sell off. The moves indicate that Biden's lead in the polls is reducing the risk of a contested election result. USDJPY Implied Volatility What would a Biden/Democratic Congress mean? In the near term a Democratic sweep would likely mean rapid delivery of substantial additional support.  With the market beginning to accept a growing possibility of a Democratic win and the potential for significant fiscal stimulus in early 2021, markets still remain wary of higher corporate taxes and a more heavily regulated economic environment under Joe Biden.  Offsetting this to some extent would be improved global relations that could lessen the prospect of additional trade barriers and tariffs. Generally, a Biden/Democratic would point to better trade relations and would likely see some of the heat taken out of the Sino (China)/US Trade War. Biden would, however, increase taxes for highest earners and most households would indirectly see lower investment returns and wages because of corporate tax increases. Higher taxes and improved global relations would generally weigh on the dollar, would make US exports cheaper and provide a boost to the US economy. Given current trends, we may well observe the continuation of reflation trades in FX markets and a continued dollar decline extending throughout next year. Join Vantage FX and start boosting your trading edge today. Don't want to miss our other analysis and educational resources? You can also click here to follow us on Telegram. Trading FX & CFDs carries high risk. CIMA Licence no. 1383491. This article was submitted by Chris Nelson-Smith, Head of Risk at Vantage FX.


PrimeBit Demo Trading Contest will give away $5,000!

Don't miss the PrimeBit Demo Trading Contest! PrimeBit is the fastest-growing P2P trading platform where traders can exchange perpetual contracts on Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. There are more ways to earn from trading crypto derivatives with the launch of the PrimeBit Demo Trading Contest. A total of 5000 USDT will be given away to the best traders! It's time for traders to cash in huge rewards these months. The best part is, there is no need to invest anything! Traders can quench their thirst for competition and earn real rewards easily just by trading on demo accounts. Traders of all levels can participate. Trade on a Demo Account and Win Real Cash PrimeBit's Demo Trading Contest is a great way to pump up every trader's game without any risk! How does it work? First, participants cansign up for a contest account using their email address. It will only take a few seconds. After signing up, they will get access to their fully featured demo account with an initial deposit of 5000 USDT. All they need to do is use the mock funds provided and buy or sell any cryptocurrency contracts on the platform during the contest period from October 19, 2020 (12:00:01 am UTC) to November 15, 2020 (11:59:59 pm UTC). The competition will heat up as the participants test their trading skills to win amazing prizes! Traders with the highest yields on their demo contest accounts during the contest period can grab awesome bounties. In total, 50 top traders in global ranking will share in the 3500 USDT prize pool, with the first placer receiving a whopping 1000 USDT prize! Weekly prizes will also go to 10 traders ranked in each week. The total side prize amounts to 1500 USDT! After the contest ends, the winners will receive their rewards on their PrimeBit live trading account within 2 weeks. The rewards can be withdrawn easily without any restrictions. As additional perks, all new traders who signed up at PrimeBit from September 21 and November 15 and joined the contest will enjoy trading without any commission fees for 14 days! It's So Easy to Trade on PrimeBit PrimeBit caters to traders of all levels. Even beginner traders can start placing trades at any time on the mobile app. The webtrader is equipped with basic and advanced tools to help traders make sound decisions. It is readily accessible on desktop and laptop just by using a normal web browser. Traders at PrimeBit enjoy trading with very low fees and no maximum or minimum deposit limits. The easy email sign up kicks away all unnecessary hassles. What's more, PrimeBit offers up to 30% revenue share as affiliate earnings. Unlimited profit potential is within reach when trading crypto contracts with up to 200x leverage! The PrimeBit Demo Contest starts on October 19, 2020. Don't miss it! For bank trade ideas, check out eFX Plus


SquaredFinancial continues expansion of product list

SquaredFinancial expands its offering to soft commodities The fintech led brokerage and global investment firm, SquaredFinancial, has announced that it will now be offering soft commodities as part of its full range of tradable assets. Wheat, Soybeans and Corn are now available on the SquaredFinancial platforms.  These are leading soft commodities which offer liquid and dynamic tradable assets and provide uncorrelated investment opportunities. Husam Al Kurdi, Chief Executive Office at SquaredFinancial, commented: "When we re-launched SquaredFinancial I promised our clients we would continue to develop the products and to give them an expanded range of high-quality investment opportunities.  We are keeping this promise with the launch of soft commodities trading in conjunction with our other instruments.  For all new products, our development team looks in detail at the trading and the risk profiles so that we always give investors a reliable and transparent asset.  Used in conjunction with FX, energy or precious metals it allows risk to be managed and hopefully, returns maximised." Unlike many other commodities, soft commodities normally have a wider production base, not dominated by one or two countries who look to control supplies.  This means there is often greater consistency in pricing, with markets influenced by weather and geopolitical events rather than economic and financial performance. "Over the last six months, we have seen a steady increase in the number of people using our services to manage their investments.  By trading a range of assets, they can spread market exposure and use their knowledge of different asset classes to achieve their investment goals.  We offer the training and support to help our clients take financial decisions and take advantage of the ongoing global volatility." added Mr Al Kurdi. SquaredFinancial has offices in London, Cyprus, Seychelles, Hong Kong, and Geneva, allowing it to provide global solutions for a rapidly changing investment market.  With a focus on new generation traders and investors who want an easy access, sophisticated, global gateway, providing flexible trading of a full range of financial assets and products. For more information about SquaredFinancial please go to: or follow @sq_financial . For bank trade ideas, check out eFX Plus

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