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The real rate of return and its difference from the nominal rate

Understanding the difference between the real rate of return and nominal rate First, we have the real rate of return. The does not stay constant, and so that its purchasing power. Purchasing power is how many goods or services you can buy with a certain amount of money. If there is a way to know this, would you? There is a term called "real rate of return" that can accurately tell us the purchasing power of a certain amount of money at a given time frame. It is the profit percentage that one earns from an investment every year while considering inflation.


Volatility swaps are not really "swaps" in the traditional sense

Getting to know volatility swaps a little better A volatility swap is a type of forward contract that comes with a payoff. The payoff depends on the difference between the volatility strike and . It is also the contract's notional value time the difference of volatility strike and realized volatility. Even if the name is volatility swap, it does not necessarily mean that it is a swap because the usual swaps have cash flow exchange on either fixed or varying rates.


Weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of vertical mergers

The pros and cons of vertical mergers Companies try their best to have a chance at . Hence, they think of ways that can give those benefits. One of the ways that we are talking about includes a vertical merger. Read more to understand how this merger works and how different it is from the usual merger that we know.


Perfect time to invest in FAANG

A look at FAANG stocks post-earnings What happened? Apple, Microsoft, and Google reported their financial results for the second quarter. Despite strong earnings, the companies closed in red yesterday. Why? The global market sentiment worsened due to China's tech crackdown and the Covid-19 resurgence. Besides, investors expected a tremendous profit from these companies and priced in a good outcome before the releases. Thus, investors who bought the stocks before the earnings reports started selling them afterward. In this case, traders say the so-called "buy the rumor, sell the fact" scenario happened. What to do now? The stocks from the FAANG group will keep rising in the long term with a high probability. Therefore, investors are eagerly waiting for these stocks to drop to buy them at a lower price. So, now it's a good time for traders to enter! Perhaps you may wait longer for the prices to dip a bit lower to enter at more attractive levels. Let's discuss the earnings results of Apple, Microsoft, and Google and also find the levels at which traders should consider buying these stocks. Apple Apple has released encouraging results. Just look: iPhone sales rose 49.8% in the second quarter of 2021 in comparison with the second quarter of 2020, while Apple's services revenue increased 32.9%, marking the fastest pace of growth since 2018. Wow, so good! Besides, both earnings results and revenue exceeded analysts' expectations. These numbers tell investors that the Apple company is well-positioned and it will grow further. From a technical point of view, Apple is just slightly below the all-time highs. It would be great if it falls to the low of July 19 at $142.00, where investors can enter the market. However, if it reverses up from the current levels, consider buying now. According to UBS, the stocks of Apple will hit $166, while JPMorgan set its price target at $175. Google Google's earnings results came out better as well. Google's core advertising business showed a 69% increase in revenue in comparison to the year prior. Moreover, Google's cloud services and AI sector added tailwinds to the company. On the daily chart, the stock price has reversed down to the $2700 support level. It may reverse up from it today or it may drop to the low of July 19 at $2585, where a great opportunity to enter the market will appear. Microsoft Microsoft demonstrated astonishing earnings and revenue results for the second quarter as well. Its cloud segment rose more than analysts expected. The stock price of Microsoft may fall to the 200-day moving average of $280 or even deeper to the low of July 19 at $275. These levels will be good for entering. Download FBS Trader app or Metatrader 5 to trade stocks with FBS DisclaimerThis post is written and submitted by FBS Markets for informational purposes only. In no way shall it be interpreted or construed to create any warranties of any kind, including an offer to buy or sell any currencies or other instruments.  The views and ideas shared in this article are deemed reliable and based on the most up-to-date and trustworthy sources. However, the company does not take any responsibility for accuracy and completeness of the information, and the views expressed in the article may be subject to change without prior notice. Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub.


The FinTech boom is changing the face of online payments

How FinTech has changed the landscape of online payments Online payments have become increasingly sophisticated in recent years, but it wasn't until the pandemic struck that the entire FinTech arena started to explode with activity. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and it would appear that the old adage has been proven true over the past 18-24 months.


How to trade support and resistance levels

Getting to know how to utilise trading levels Levels must be the most universal elements of graphic analysis, applicable to virtually any kind of trading systems. You can trade by Price Action, or candlestick analysis, or Moving Average crossing, or a whole range of indicators - levels are always in the game. But the best part here is that a trader can be acquainted with no types of analysis or indicators at all - and still trade support/resistance levels successfully. So, this article is devoted to such trading signals. Note that this strategy suits timeframes from M1 to MN, Forex, stock, and futures markets. A signal to buy in trading levels For such a signal to appear, the chart needs a support level. If it used to be a resistance level, it would be even better. In my experience, mirroring levels work better than any others. Also, trading from such support levels, you can skip separate trend analysis because the direction of the price in case a mirroring support level forms, speaks about trend direction. The following scenario would be perfect. Imagine you are working on H1. You rise two TFs up and see that there is a local high on D1. On H1, this mark is likely to work as a resistance level. Then wait for the price to break through this mark and necessarily bounce off it as off a support level. It would be even better if near such a level there were some activity as, firstly, a bounce and then a breakaway and a repeated testing, but from above. If you are, indeed, going to track local highs on D1 for working with them on H1, the following pre-cooked pattern might be useful. To avoid constant switching from chart to chart, just look for lonely local highs on H1 that formed at least 48 hours ago. Its peak will be the resistance level from the TF two times larger than yours. An example of a signal to buy in trading support/resistance levels: Mind that such signals are quite rare to appear, usually because the time that passes from one bounce off a S/R level to another are much shorter than mentioned above. Hence, to avoid dying of dullness waiting for perfect signals, use more ordinary mirroring S/R levels: A signal to sell in trading levels For such a signal, you need the same but vice versa conditions: a local low must appear;then the price must break through its low;then the price must test it from below, bouncing off it, thus creating a mirroring level;then a bounce off this level must follow, ending in the formation of a bouncing local high. An example of a signal to sell in trading levels: As you can see in this example, I have specified an aggressive way of trading as well. Anyways, the price does not only bounce off a complete mirroring level, especially when the movement is quite strong. Hence, try trading a complete mirroring level right after it becomes mirroring. Stop Loss and Take Profit for Forex, futures, and stocks Limit your losses several ticks away from those local lows (when buying) or local highs (when selling) that bounce off S/R levels. Trail your position in a classical way, by replacing the SL to the new extremes that form while the price keeps approaching the goal. However, do not transfer the position to a parity because you just want to. First hand, wait for a local extreme that will guard your SL safely. A Take Profit will be rather efficient before the S/R levels that could hinder the price generating profit for you. Hence, you need to calculate the attractiveness of each trading signal as soon as it appears. If the potential profit-to-risk ratio is less than 3 to 1, I advise you against using such a situation. I find such a way of trailing your position rather efficient. Split the lot in two parts: for the first one, set the Take Profit price that will be slightly smaller than the first ever strong S/R level. For the second part, set a TP that equals your risk. With such an approach, your position will be in the breakeven as soon as the price reaches the first goal, and you will not have to worry about the risk, just trail the position calmly, avoiding market pressure. Moreover, this will increase the number of positive trades in your statement, smoothing out the balance curve. Which is, in its term, an important index for PAMM managers. This, of course, decreases your potential profit that you could get by trading the whole lot, but you never know how far the price will go and whether you will remain in control. Money management in trading levels I think that for this strategy it is more efficient to risk a certain percentage of your deposit. As long as you trade with a TP/SL ratio of no more than 3-5 to 1, trading lots might be unprofitable. Though to some entering the market with a set lot might seem easier because they will trade a set price then. As for me, I always enter by the market but trade a set percentage of the deposit: just calculate it in Excel and enter the market it on time. Sharp movements that will prevent me from doing this might appear after certain news but anyway, I avoid entering the market on news. An example of trading levels: This strategy is good because it is simple, and the element at its base is reliable and time-proven. The only problem that you might face is a lack of patience. It comes with time, if you are serious about what you are doing and analyze your every trade and decision before making a new one. By Dmitriy Gurkovskiy, Chief Analyst at RoboForex DisclaimerAny forecasts contained herein are based on the author's particular opinion. This analysis may not be treated as trading advice. RoboForex bears no responsibility for trading results based on trading recommendations and reviews contained herein. Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub.


Axia extends market footprint in GCC region

Axia is ideally situated to capture new business and investor interest, looking to tap into capital markets The capital markets sector has seen a profound change in recent years, shattering the long-held status quo that saw a total dominance of institutions and high-net worth investors. Now more than ever, access to capital markets has opened up to retail clients due in large part to the disruption of the industry via fintechs. While largely in the works for several years, the onset of Covid has greatly accelerated this process. This is due in large part to the prevalence of lockdowns having shifted interests to alternative income and savings for the future. Considering this new demand, investors are looking for ways to tap into these markets. This is where Axia comes in, having already solidified itself as one of the most secure and trusted trading online brokers in the MENA region. Shifting Demographics Seeing Wholesale Market Changes Nowhere is this trend more profound than in the GCC region, which includes six Middle Eastern countries - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman. A wave of new investors and younger individuals for the first time are looking to take their financial planning into their own hands. Axia is strategically placed to handle this new business and harness a growing regional client base. Finding the right brokerage has never been an easy task, especially in the GCC region. Newer investors also demand access to several different kinds of assets, making this process even more complicated. Axia makes this choice easy, providing a wide range of assets and complimentary products that satisfy any investing strategy. The brokerage boasts a large basket of 400 instruments including CFDs, forex trading, commodities, stocks, and indices. Axia also specifically caters to GCC investors, with multiple trading options as well as an Islamic account that complies with the teachings and principles of Islamic Sharia. Investors can benefit from the service of Islamic accounts and access the world of trading without delving into usurious interests. With exposure into the markets that investors are looking for, Axia is in a prime position to capture a transforming GCC region, capable of satisfying the needs of a dynamic and fresh client base. About Axia Axia is a licensed and regulated broker servicing clients and traders primarily in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia (MENA region). The company has clear visions and goals to provide traders in the Arab world with an optimal and integrated trading experience. Therefore, it seeks to provide its services following safe regulatory frameworks, with excellent educational tools and tools, powerful technology in addition to high-quality customer support services. Axia pays careful attention to all these elements to create a perfect environment where traders' experience flourishes once they register or open an investment account on the Axia platform. Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub.


What were the best trades of Q2?

A look back at the best deals in Q2 Today we are going to review the best deals of the second quarter. For the global economy, it was a time of recovery, of reopening after the pandemic, and for some people it was a time to count their income.   So, the number one best deal in Q2 had to do with shares of BioNTech, with an actual profitability of 1026%. That is how many times the investments of those traders who bought shares of this company in the second quarter increased. By opening a deal to buy on April 1, and closing it on June 30, traders earned $115 on each purchased share. It was enough to invest 11.2 dollars in that.  Nominally, the shares have grown by 226% in 3 months, which is a phenomenal result in such a short period. That's why the deals with BioNTech deserve the first place in our rating. In second place we have deals with shares of the American company Moderna, with a profitability of 763.6%. Having invested only $13.2 in April, traders could get $100.8 on each purchased share. Nominally, the shares rose by 176.2% in the second quarter, and this is an incredible result, albeit quite predictable. In third place are the deals with the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. The profitability amounted 412.5% for the three months in this quarter. The only disadvantage of investing in AstraZeneca is the high share price. The advantage in return is a high profitability and an impressive amount of income on each purchased share. Traders who traded with AstraZeneca shares in the second quarter received an unbelieveable $1,487 in profit per share with an investment of $361. Just one deal of one lot in April meant that three months later you could have $148,700 on your account instead of $36,100. How is this possible? With SuperForex you can trade AstraZeneca shares. Thus, we can see that the pharma group of assets and direct investments in companies that are engaged in the production of coronavirus vaccines are beginning to yield results. Despite all the incidents with vaccines, pharmaceutical companies are reaping juicy profits in 2021. It was predicted for a long time that the companies mentioned above are becoming very promising due to the pandemic, and Q2 proved that to be true. Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub.


AIRSOFT’s recipe for brokerage success: Attracting new traders and increasing conversions

AIRSOFT brings to the table a host of solutions for all brokers The pandemic-led economic uncertainty drove thousands of new traders to the global financial markets. This new generation of young retail traders are not just tech-savvy, they have high expectations from brokerage firms. To make the most of this opportunity to expand their customer base, brokers are striving to provide high-quality services at lower costs. In addition, they are looking for sophisticated technologies like mobile platforms, user metrics, chatbots, personalized trading instruments, and end-to-end CRMs to provide highly satisfying trading experiences. This is because to survive in this competitive landscape, brokers need technologies that are robust and agile. They need platforms that can rapidly respond to market events, customer requirements, and emerging regulatory trends. Advancements in cloud computing and cheap VPS solutions are giving new life to algorithmic trading strategies. Industry-leading technology provider for brokerage companies, AIRSOFT Technology has been supporting new and existing brokerage firms with comprehensive software solutions since 2012. The company is focused on constantly innovating and upgrading its technology solutions to offer the latest technological advancements. The aim is to ease the launch of new brokerage firms and the expansion of existing ones. As the industry looks at another strong upcoming business season in September 2021, brokerage firms will face intense competition in client acquisition and retention, and the management of increased trading volumes. AIRSOFT Technology is already prepared with the best-fit solutions for all types of brokers. Attracting New Clients and Enhancing Conversion Rates To achieve long-term success, brokerages need to continuously attract new clients, while simultaneously providing exceptional services to existing ones. The process of onboarding new clients and generating leads starts with a professional website. A well-maintained website establishes a consistent brand identity, helps create a great first impression, and improves search rankings. If a brokerage firm is facing low conversion rates, they might have to take a second look at their customer engagement strategies, client onboarding support, and training of the sales teams. AIRSOFT Technology offers cutting-edge tools, designed specifically to help brokerages attract and retain clients. These include professional website development and management, marketing tools, and a personal account manager and support. A dedicated manager can quickly analyse the factors that might be hindering client acquisition and devise an effective plan to deal with the issues. AIRSOFT Technology also connects brokers with a multi-level IB programme to help them expand their client base. New brokers can take advantage of a strong affiliate program to market their platform on a budget, increase their brand awareness, and benefit from the high ROI of a targeted marketing campaign. Intuitive and Advanced Trading Technologies Over the past year, customers across industries have grown to expect two key services from brands: faster resolution times and thoughtful experiences. To fully address these expectations, brokers need to invest in the right technology quickly. Today, traders look for platforms that offer them exposure to the global markets, real-time market information, and superior execution. They look for real-time data analytics, to keep track of their trading activities and performance metrics to make informed trading decisions. Most importantly, they seek the ability to monitor and execute trades even on the go. On the other hand, brokers need real-time data to keep an eye on all trading activities on their platforms. They can use this data to understand client needs and provide better products and services. Data can also help them target clients with high lifetime value. But to be useful, the data needs to be easily understandable and actionable. AIRSOFT Technology helps brokerages cater to traders of all skill and experience levels through advanced web and mobile trading platforms for FX and CFD trading. An example of the company's expertise in trading technologies is Chrono Trade, a unique platform that can be integrated with any existing CFD platform or used as a stand-alone brokerage solution. The platform has been designed for short-term traders and new clients looking for exciting trading opportunities in volatile market conditions. Brokers using Chrono Trade report higher user engagement and increased trading volumes. The CFD-Forex Web Trader from AIRSOFT Technology helps brokers offer 5,000+ tradable assets from across 30+ exchanges worldwide. With deep analysis, algorithmic trading and social trading, advanced charting capabilities and Bloomberg TV integration, the platform caters to the needs of professional traders with ease. AIRSOFT Technology also offers brokers multiple-device accessibility with their own branded mobile app for easy trade management. Available for iOS and Android, the app is a perfect fit for young and affluent retail traders, who want the markets at their fingertips. Integrated PSP Solutions Friction in withdrawals and deposits can lead to the loss of existing and potential clients. It can also hamper partnership prospects for an upcoming broker. Brokers need to offer clients and partners access to multiple payment modes for convenient transactions. AIRSOFT Technology partners with leading PSPs, exchanges and cashiers to help brokers with easy integration. Their API allows the flexibility to integrate new PSPs, extending the global reach of brokers. Training and Development Like any business, brokerages need high calibre talent and expertise to navigate the challenging market conditions. A customer-centric business model can be ensured when employees bring their innovations and commitment to the table. Continuous training programmes can help the team align their efforts with long-term business goals and business culture. These also help motivate employees, providing them the knowledge to support clients in the best way. The end result is that sales and support teams deliver better results. With wide experience in the financial market industry, AIRSOFT Technology helps brokerage firms grow organically with business consulting services and referrals to the right experts in the legal, banking, PSP and marketing sectors. Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub.

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