More than 350 Communist Party top officials are meeting this week

They'll be ( amongst other things) working on the next 5-year plan

  • The delegates to the four-day plenum don't make the plan -- that was masterminded by Xi's hand-picked financial team and drafted by the National Development and Reform Commission. Nor do they formally endorse it -- that's done in the spring by the National People's Congress, China's parliament. What they do is fill in some details, occasionally amend areas of the plan, and figure out how they will implement it back in their provinces and cities.

Here are 5 things to watch, via Bloomberg .... the full article is here

  1. China will set a growth target, expected to be below 7%
  2. Combating pollution is likely to be a focus
  3. The one-child policy could finally be scrapped
  4. Research and development targets are likely to be raised
  5. Emphasis on the "one belt, one road" growth driver in Western areas of China