I'd already posted on this: Australia coronavirus - Sydney lock down one-week extension, here's what that costs

  • Sydney is Australia's largest city, more than 5 million people are under the restrictions.
  • Have been for nearly two weeks and will go into a third lock down week, scheduled at this stage to end on July 16

New cases today are 27 (if you are not in Australia or New Zealand you may be wondering if that is a typo, no it not - Australian authorities are very sensitive to new cases and are quick to implement restrictions).

Of the 27 cases (the count is for the 24 hours to 8pm Tuesday evening Sydney time)

  • 13 were in isolation for thier infectious period
  • 7 were in isolation for part of their infectious period
  • 7 were in the community while infectious

NSW now has 7 people in intensive care