Sydney Morning Herald:

  • China’s President Xi Jinping has arrived in Canberra with what could be the most ambitious free trade agreement his country has signed since committing to the World Trade Organisation
  • The deal offered to Australian farmers and professionals, ranging from lawyers to aged-care providers, will meet and in many cases exceed what industry had hoped for
  • Australian dairy farmers … tariff-free access within four years to China’s enormously lucrative infant formula market, minus any of the “safeguard” caps that currently restrict competitors from New Zealand, according to sources
  • Winemakers … will also see tariffs eliminated over four years
  • Tariffs on horticultural products, seafood and other goods accounting for 93 per cent of Australian exports by value will also be reduced to zero by 2019
  • Shock tariffs recently imposed on Australian coal will be removed over two years
  • The Abbott Government has given ground on labour, agreeing to a new case-by-case mechanism for Chinese investors to apply to bring in workers at Australian wage rates in areas of skills shortages

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